Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor With 3.5 Inch Color LCD Screen

Baby monitor is the greatest invention for moms and dads. Why? You will be able to keep an eye to your baby with TV shows in front of you. Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is dedicated for you mom, it makes you free of worries, because you can watch your little one is safe and it's great to see he's okay!

The Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is well built device, with some functional features, such as 3.5-inch Color LCD screen, Infrared night vision, high sensitivity microphone, 5 polyphonic lullabies, two-way communication tool, room temperature monitor, and 1.8Hz DECT technology.

Not to mention, it has Data Encryption for security, Five LED alerts for noise level, and it works up to 200M range with "out-of-range" warning, and rechargeable batteries (Parent Unit). To make you feel easier to use it, this product is designed with ECO mode design and support stand for your baby unit.
motorola digital video baby monitor with 3.5 inch color LCD screen
Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor is not the only product ever sold, meaning that a bunch of competitors have been in. However, we got it so far this is the best one to install to your baby's room. Its advanced features including Intelligent Sleep mode are cooler than any other devices you found in the market. This device will go into sleep mode if your little one is quiet for a while and is active when he or she makes a noise. Isn't it incredible?

The rechargeable battery is able to work running the device up to 3.5 hours of wireless capabilities. Its excellent picture quality is much loved by all reviewers and users, so what are you waiting for, moms? This device is what you need to give your little prince and princess a 24-hour protection. It's clear that the Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor only has positive things!